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While using websites on the high-speed internet, have you ever asked yourself a question about what is web development or how these user-friendly websites get developed? We are here to give you the answers to your questions and going to simplify web development for you. In this article, we shall explain web development, its history, its process of development, and its benefits for your business understandably. So, let’s quickly move to the answer to your frequently popped-up question.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of building and maintaining online sites. It refers to the working linked with developing websites for hosting via the internet. In simplest terms, web development is the process of making a website look great, work smoothly, and perform well.

In broader terms, web development includes all the actions, updates, and execution required to build, maintain, and manage a website. Web development also ensures site high performance, quality speed, and great user experience.

Web development is also known as “Website Development” while the professionals which perform the development of a website are known as “Website Developers”.

Who are Web developers?

Programmers or Coders who are particularly engaged in the development of online sites using a CSM (Client-Server Model) and specialize in it are Web Developers. Web developers are experts in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. They also have knowledge of particular languages as well such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python, and Java.

The primary skill of a web developer involves coding. He must understand at least some of the programming languages as follows:

  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript
  • ASP.Net
  • Angular.js

The additional skills a web developer should possess to work effectively and professionally are as follows:

  • Multitasking
  • Self-Motivating
  • Organizing
  • Detail Attention

There are three categories of web developers working today in the digital environment. These are as follows:

  • Back-End developers
  • Front-End developers
  • Full-Stack developers

Some web developers who become masterly skillful in their field are known as webmasters.

History of Web Development

For a deeper understanding of web development, we should look into the history of web development. Web development began with developers creating static web pages and linking them up utilizing hyperlinks. These web pages were primarily designed to convey information to the user and nothing else. 

Then came a period of advancement in web development. Tim Berners Lee is considered a founding father of Web 2.0. He envisioned a broad network of interlinked hypertext documents. These documents were written in HTML language known as Hyper-Text Markup Language. It was particularly designed as a text-oriented language and offered pretty much less in formatting and editing the content available on the page.

In the earlier days of web development, developers use CGI to generate HTML-based data. After generating data, it was sent to the server by the browser. Later developments were designed to enhance CGI’s dynamics and make HTML generation easier. Examples are ASP and ColdFusion. These languages served the purpose of templating language in web development.

Later, JavaScript was introduced in the developing world to extend the web tools capabilities and applications. With the advancement in information technology and computers becoming faster, new technology was readily available to the developers. During the time of JavaScript, CSS also made its appearance in the market. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) helped developers change the style and web content of the websites.

After then, web development continued to grow exponentially. As we see today, we utilize web-based operating systems such as Google’s Chrome. Cloud technology also become rapidly advanced and big in recent times that no one can predict the future. Web platforms in great numbers remain popular today and WordPress is one of them. In contemporary times, WordPress web development services involve web apps development and frameworks.

Process of Web Development

The development of a website involves a complex and dynamic process. This process includes:

  • Planning
  • Wireframe Creation
  • Writing a Website Code
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Work with CMS
  • Acquire a Domain Name
  • Launching Site

Importance of Web Development for businesses

With the advancement of the digital age, websites have become greatly important for businesses. Websites serve as an online foundation for businesses and have become a requirement for every niche and SMEs to become successful in the digital markets. The following benefits are obtained in the web development to explain its importance for your businesses:

  • Ease of Navigation

A successful website offers ease of navigation to the user. This causes ease of access to the information available on the website. A search box included in a website helps your client to navigate easily through the website. This feature leads to driving more traffic to your online site.

  • Rank high with quality web SEO

When it comes to the website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fundamental aspect. SEO helps the site to rank at the top on the search engine results page (SERP). Quality web development helps websites to rank higher in the search engine. If your site meets the standards of SEO then you are probably welcome to rank up in the search results.

  • Exponential increase in sales

Businesses earn more revenue as they generate more sales. Offerings available on websites are the tool for gaining more and more clients.

For successful business growth and an exponential increase in sales in this modern period, companies should build up their website.

  • Gain more clients

Loyal customers are one of the significant features of successful businesses. Websites help companies to review the activity of users from the metrics. These metrics analyses help companies to analyze the targeted audience and employ strategic tactics in expanding their customer base.

  • Reach out to more audience

Websites help businesses to reach out to more audiences in the world. It’s the easiness of business for companies to build profound connections with their clients and helps them interact with customers to increase engagement at end-user. Blogging websites help customers remain updated all the time and they have more reach as well.

  • Opportunity of marketing and advertising

Websites are fully resourceful in marketing and advertising company products and services. With the help of online sites, businesses devise a strong digital marketing strategy and incorporate it with selling on their sites. A company can display all the relevant information on its website. You can launch your advertising campaigns on websites as well and keep your customer up-to-date with the latest discounts and offers.

Bottom Line/Conclusion

Websites are helping companies to establish their brand identity online. In the post-virus world, web development services have been increased to help businesses sell them online. This has triggered an advancement in web technology, and many companies and agencies are offering reliable services of web development today. Creative Insights are also offering web development services with a team of expert who designs and develops websites to meet modern-day requirements. You can avail professional web services by visiting our website www.creativeinsights.pk online.

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