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Introduction to Social Media Platform and its Types

Introduction to Social Media Platforms

Media is the plural form of medium. Social media refers to the digital platform or medium that enables users to interact with each other. There are more than 4.65 billion users on different platforms. Users contact each other and share ideas privately and publicly. Today, social media marketing has become a useful medium for advertising and an important tool for businesses. There are hundreds of such platforms on the internet, however, the biggest platforms in terms of users are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Linked In. If you want to benefit from each platform depending on your interest then stick to this article as we have answered all of your questions thoroughly.

Types of Social Media Platforms & Usage

Should you start with YouTube? Maybe you should split all of your budget between Facebook and Instagram? What about TikTok & Linked In?

Answers to these questions will help you decide the best selection for your brand as we have tried our best to explain every aspect of each platform carefully.

  1. YouTube
  2. Users: YouTube is the second most popular search engine with more than 2 billion monthly users. It is also considered a social media platform because it has the same features as other social platforms.
  3. Personalities: It has become a hub of the young generation,15-35 years of age, including males and females with the purpose of either entertainment or education.
  4.  Type of Content: Videos only
  5. Prioritize YouTube if: Your audience is below the age of 50 and likes to watch video content with intention of either education or entertainment
  • Twitter:
  • Users: Twitter has 397 million monthly active users (MAU) including 170 million monetizable daily active users (mDAU). It has attracted 7.3% of total internet users on its platform. This social media platform is particularly famous for politics, B2B businesses, marketing, and trends
  • Personalities: 60% of Twitter users are in the range of 30-65 years of age, with males making up about 2/3 of all users
  • Type of Content: Twitter is a prominent medium for precise content, breaking news, and direct communication in real-time. Videos and images work well but well-written tweet content works wonderfully. You can also explain your story or long content by dividing the message into a thread
  • Prioritize Twitter if: Your audience falls into the category of the mature group of users in the range of 30-60 years of age who likes to engage in discussion, offers, advice, etc
  • Instagram
  • Users: There are more than 1 billion users of Instagram making it a popular social media worldwide. It is especially popular in India (201 million users) and the United States of America (157 million users)
  • Personalities: This platform is famous for teens and young adults, so if your audience is below 40 then Instagram is a good option for you
  • Type of content: Mobile consumption content is vital as this platform is mostly preferred on cell phones. Any content whether it is written or video/image that attracts the teens and young audience fits this platform. Beautifully crafted graphics, videos, images, unique designs, selfies, or stunning visuals will help you stand out on this platform
  • Prioritize Instagram if: Lifestyle, e-commerce, or photography businesses with an audience of under the age of 40 years
  • Facebook
  • Users: With 2.9 billion monthly users, Facebook has become the world’s largest social media site
  • Personalities: Almost all types of personalities use this platform especially due to more advanced features like pages, groups, and local friendship trends on it
  • Type of content: The polarizing, and engaging written content with attractive images and short videos go more viral on Facebook. You can gather like-minded people in groups and make them engaged with polls, conservation-starters and live streams
  • Prioritize Facebook if: To reach an adult audience related to your business, use engaging content as explained above. You can also ask your family and friends to help you grow your online platform on Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Users: Most viewers on TikTok are teens. It is a newly born social media platform that succeeded in making a record of more than 1 billion active users and it is the most downloaded app in the world
  • Personalities: More than 50% of users on TikTok are under the age of 35, with the more specific majority of that audience being between the ages of 15 to 25
  • Type of content: Interesting, entertaining, comedic, and sometimes realistic short videos with catchy music are considered the best content according to the environment of the platform
  • Prioritize TikTok if: You want to reach a fresh audience who are not already familiar with your product or services. Secondly, you can also explain the features, key points, and importance of your product or service in a short video

Different Parameters for posting on Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook:
  • You can update: the status, link, photo, video, event, and check-in.
  • Link Title: Less than 100 characters
  • Characters Limit: 2000
  • YouTube:
  • You can update: tweet, link, photo, and video.
  • Video Title: 100 characters
  • YouTube Description: 5,000 words
  • Video Limit: best performing video length is 7 to 15 minutes
  • Twitter:
  • You can update: Status, Link, Photos, Videos
  • Characters Limit: 280
  • Hashtags: Using 1-2 hashtags receives 21% higher engagement than those with 3+ hashtags.
  • Don’t force trending hashtags.
  • Tweets with images result in a 55% increase in leads.
  • Photo Size
  • Use usernames, not simple names. (@names)
  • Instagram:
  • You can update: Story, Photo, Videos, Videos, Links
  • Character Limit: 2200
  • Don’t use its link on Twitter
  • Hashtags: You can include up to 30 hashtags on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a Story


To put it in nutshell, every platform of social media has its parameters, features, and facilities for users. There are hundreds of social media platforms and increasing on daily basis. The core purpose of all the platforms is engagement. Now, it is your turn to pick the one or more depending on your interest in engagement and budget. If you are not experienced in social media campaigns, is the best option for you. An Experienced team of social media will help you grow your business and brand across the globe without any delay.

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