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The concept behind Content Writing and Its Types


Quality content is considered an integral part of content marketing and digital marketing. Writing is an art and giving different forms to writing is science.

There are different styles of writings to create content depending on the types of content writing like web content writing, technical writing, blog writing, social media writing, transcript writing, copywriting, etc.

Before we jump to the foremost types of content and types of writing styles, it is crucial to dive into the question of “What does it exactly mean by Content Writing?

What does it exactly mean by Content Writing?

Content creation or Content writing is the art and science of digital marketing to convey a message in a specific form of writing. It is also important to understand the key difference between content writing and content creation. Former refers to the writings with the goal of conveying a message, answering a question, or solving a problem in any form of writing. On the other hand, content creation refers to the optimization of written content according to the requirements of search engines – user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Content is an industry itself encompassing all forms of writing under its umbrella.

Key Features:

  • SEO-Friendly: Optimized according to the Search Engines
  • User-Friendly: Error-free and easily-readable

Major Types of Content Writing

  1. Website or SEO Content Writing

The basic difference between web content and other types of content writing is that the goal of web content is to rank top of the search engines without making it unsolicited. Web content writers try their best to keep SEO content relevant, concise, and informative. A web content writer is a person who is an expert in writing relevant content.

Web or SEO content writer pays special focus to crucial factors like landing pages, relevant keywords, meta tags, URLs, meta descriptions, page title/description, headings/subheadings, internal/external links, and alt attributes. However, topics and selection of KWs for web content may differ according to the niches like digital marketing services, medical services, roofing, etc.

  • Technical Writing:

As compared to normal writing, technical writing is the particular description with a specific format related to the service or product. In other words, technical writing is the activity of creating high-level technical documentation like robotics, biotechnology, engineering, business proposals, reports, white papers, resumes, product descriptions, and press releases.

Technical writers transform the highly technical idea or concept into content that is easy to grasp for average people.

Tech Writers vs Technical Writers vs Creative Writer

Although tech writers and technical writers are not much differentiated in their job however both differ in some sense. The former are writers who are experts in tech and write specifically about technology and understand the relevant terms very well. On the other hand, technical writers explain a variety of concepts and they could also write and explain the concept behind almost any niche including technology and science.

As for as creative writing is concerned, the name itself indicates the characteristics of this type of writing. Creative writing is the art of crafting an imagination, narration, drama, or intuition to convey a message in form of poetry, novel, or story. Its style of expression might be convincing, expository, descriptive, or narrative depending on the type of message to convey.

  • Social Media Content Writing

Increasing traffic on different social media platforms has significantly increased the demand for social media content. Today, social media platforms have become a great source of digital marketing.

All these social media platforms are different from one another in terms of traffic, posting criteria, types of content, and characters limitation. For example, the character limit on Instagram is 2200, Facebook is 2000, and Twitter is 280 only. So, it is important to notice the difference of parameters before writing content for any social media platform. Furthermore, social media content should be attractive, traffic-driven, and platform-friendly to attract higher traffic.


Cross-posting is the activity of posting similar, not the same, content on different social media platforms. You don’t need to necessarily write different contents, however never forget to make some changes according to the parameters of different platforms before you conduct cross-posting.

  • Blog Writing

A blog post is a piece of information in the style of descriptive writing written in the blog section of a website. This type of content writing is informational and educational. It ranges from 600 to 2000 with other media types such as videos, images, infographics, and interactive charts.

Blog posts allow you to publish stories on any topic. It may help you drive traffic to your website. It has a great impact on SEO, audience, and user experience.

  • Copywriting or Marketing Writing

Copywriting is a piece of content written for the purpose of advertising or marketing. It is one of the most crucial elements of all marketing campaigns. As compared to the other types of content writing, copywriting is just like a call to action and persuasive writing but at a larger level. Sometimes, it has only a few words to make its case as compared to other forms of writing.

Brand and customers are simultaneously discussed in this type of writing. As a copywriter, you write concise lines for advertisements – newspapers, banners, TV Ads, etc.  

  • Transcript Writing and Script Writing

A transcript is a written document of any proceedings. In other words, the transcripts are written or typed records of movies, business meetings, or records of podcasts. Transcript writers need to be with good listening skills, good typing skills, and with extremely attentive behavior for doing this job.

On the other hand, scriptwriting is already a written piece of information for a film, meeting, podcast, or video. Writers or specifically screenwriters tell the visual story or idea in written form before it’s utilized in a movie, speech, or meeting. Both types of content writing, transcript and script, are actually the same thing with a different position.

  • Research and Report Writing

As apparent from its name, research and report writing is the combination of two activities – research + report. As a research and report writer, you conduct deep research on a given topic, outline it, and then start writing a report. Generally, a researched report is written in the third person, presenting research processes and findings in the form of expository writings, tables, and graphs.

A good research report includes the following elements:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • References

Bottom Line

As it is said, “beautiful writing isn’t about the words we use. It’s about the emotions we evoke”, so be wise while planning for your content writing.

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